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Medsyntrix is an online continuing education and training company designed to meet the educational needs of the nursing and other healthcare professionals using the web. Web-based learning provides an alternative to traditional classroom presentations for nursing and medical professionals with busy schedules and healthcare organizations with limited travel and continuing education budgets. It is well documented that learning using the Internet is a highly effective teaching method with much better outcomes and retention using minimal human or financial resources.

Medsyntrix is an affiliate of MCV & Associates Healthcare, Inc., a corporation known for its quality and comprehensive education and training programs using the traditional classroom learning since 1999. Medsyntrix’s online courses offers continuing education contact hours for nursing/allied healthcare professionals and provides training programs for healthcare organizations. Simple yet comprehensive, access to our high quality courses and training programs is available online 24 hours, 7 days a week with the flexibility to meet your needs and schedule.

Cora Vizcarra, RN, CRNI, MBA has more than 20 years healthcare experience both in the hospital and homecare settings. She is a registered nurse and has a master's degree in Business Administration. She is a certified registered nurse in infusion (CRNI) and has been actively involved in the specialty practice of IV Therapy since 1985. After leaving the hospital setting, Cora worked for a national homecare company where she started a successful and profitable home infusion program. Cora worked for Apria Healthcare where she served as the Regional/Zone Clinical Manager and was responsible for the operation of the nursing, pharmacy and respiratory services. In this capacity, Cora was involved in the development and implementation of numerous operational, clinical and regulatory compliance programs.

Her unique experiences in nursing, pharmacy, respiratory, operations, management and technical computer/information systems provided Cora the expertise and ability as a consultant to identify and analyze complex situations and provide the most efficient solutions to the problem. Cora has served as a management and clinical consultant to many organizations since 1995 and founded MCV & Associates Healthcare Inc. in 1998 to continue providing consulting and educational services to various organizations. She has grown her company from a home based business to a successful and profitable corporation.

She is actively involved in many professional organizations including the Infusion Nurses Society (INS), where she had served as the president from 2008-2009. She served as the chair of the INS National Committee on Education from 2000-2007 and a member of the Journal of Infusion Nursing editorial board. In 2000, Cora received a special recognition award from the Infusion Nurses Society for the publication of the "Policies and Procedures for Infusion Nursing," which to date is the best selling publication of the Infusion Nurses Society. In 2004, she was awarded the prestigious "INS Member of the Year" for her outstanding contribution to the specialty of infusion nursing. She is a member of the Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing. She has conducted numerous educational and training programs in various clinical, technical and business topics. She is well published in nursing and professional trade journals in the United States. Her latest publication in 2009 includes a chapter on "Biologic Therapy" in the textbook, Infusion Nursing: An Evidence Approach.

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